Demonstration #Bildungskrise

April 23rd 7PM – online

Mrs. Karliczek, enough! Finally do your job and stand up for the students!

Online demo on April 23rd 7-9PM with guests from the Science Committee: Nicole Gohlke (Die Linke), Jens Brandenburg (FDP) and many others

Dear students* and supporters, 

Germany has been in lockdown since mid-March. Many of you have lost your side jobs or sources of finance. It is still completely unclear at many universities how exactly the summer semester will take place. While the economy has been supported with strong financial injections and immediate aid, the announced BAföG changes are not even a drop in the ocean. Solutions such as going to a job center, which are being propagated in many ways, do not go far enough – the feedback here is clear: either you should take a semester off or you march home (with very few exceptions) with a rejection notice and even more question marks in your head. Too many students fall through all the grids even 4 weeks after the first aid packages have been announced and are currently not covered by the basic provision. And with all these existential worries, the online summer semester begins and the question is if one can afford to continue studying at all.

We need non-bureaucratic immediate help for ALL students, regardless of their individual situation and nationality. The immediate help must be granted as a subsidy. A loan program such as the one announced by the Federal Minister of Education is not needs-based and fair; it promotes educational injustice. 
The Federal Government has proven that it is capable of quickly finding uncomplicated and fully funded solutions to many challenges. We want this to also apply to students. It is time for the BMBF to take responsibility and stop ignoring the reality of students‘ lives!

Do you think too, that Mrs. Karliczek and the Federal Government must finally take action?

Then join our online demo #Education Crisis on Thursday, April 23rd from 7-9 pm for fair educational opportunities and #emergency aid, which deserves its name! Let’s make noise together online and describe our very personal situations, let’s not be overheard together – we’ll walk through the German net on an interactive demo route. Stay up to date via our information channels

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